OBBIJIN / planning and sales of high-end luxury women’s clothing and original goods

It began with the birth of the Jewel Zip Top ™ which we developed as an original design.
The zip part uses rare satin for the zip tape.
The zip is finished in a refined gold color to perfectly compliment the gorgeous “KINKAZAN” fabric. This special touch, together with the beautiful fabric, creates a unique and elegant product.

We believe this original Jewel Zip Top TM design is the first in the world and has been registered with the Japan Patent Office.
We named it Jewel Zip Top ™ (registered design number 1578732)
This gorgeous design resembles a Japanese gold cup used when drinking sake on a special day. It is created by jewellery craftsmen.
There are 9 Swarovski stones used to finish off the Jewel Zip Top TM which gives an added feeling of luxury.
Our bags are made with cow skin leather dyed in our original champagne gold color.
This process takes place in Himeji, which is famous for leather production.

From OBBIJIN, our new brand KIWAKA was born.